Summer academy – call for registration


Summer Academy call for registration
Deadline: May 18, 2015
3 weeks—7 courses—100 guests—1 Berlin

Autocenter Summer Academy 2015 will take place in the renowned Berlin exhibition space in the very heart of Berlin. This year’s program will offer participants a rich combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. A unique atmosphere will allow for formal critic and personal discussion with a wide selection of hand-picked international experts drawn from all fields of art. In addition, the ACSA will provide new insights to the art world, its institutions and naturally its active discourse.

For ACSA 2015, a three-week program has been created. Participants can choose how long they wish to attend, and in turn select from two weekly courses designed and run by international acclaimed artists. Each course has a maximum of 17 participants, which will give each the opportunity to develop their artistic practice and theory over the course of the week. The course is set up to allow maximum ability to converse and interact with the teacher—while at the same time being able to immerse themselves in one of the most exciting city art scenes in the world.

In addition to the set course, each week’s schedule includes three lectures and an art-tour led by expert journalists, collectors and curators. The guided tours will enable personal visits to studios, galleries and art institutions. At the end of every week, on Saturday evening a public presentation will be held in the Autocenter exhibition space.

For the second time we are adding a two-week theory class (first and second week) this year. Art critic and author Jennifer Allen and architect and critic Thibaut de Ruyter will run it again together after its huge success in 2014. Together with up to 15 participants they will focus on theory, history and the actual process of exhibition making.

Please see here for more information on the program, the professors and the ACSA history.

Week one, June 29–July 4
Course 1: Julieta Aranda
Course 2: Norbert Bisky
Tour: Mareike Dittmer
Lectures: Armen Avanessian

Week one/two, July 6–18
Theory course: Jennifer Allen and Thibaut de Ruyter
Tours: Elise Lammer and Eva Wilson
Lectures: Armen Avanessian

Week two, July 6–11
Course: Erwin Wurm
Tour: Elise Lammer and Eva Wilson
Lectures: Anne Schwanz, Johanna Neuschäffer

Week three, July 13–18
Course 1: Yael Bartana
Course 2: Annika Eriksson
Tour: Marie Graftieaux
Lectures: Paul Feigelfeld

Space for Contemporary Art
Maik Schierloh & Joep van Liefland
Leipziger Str. 56
10117 Berlin

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