Digitaler Rundgang: Performing Text

SoSe 2021

Dozent: Hend Elbalouty



Aporta, Sarai
Bingen, Hannah
Choutou, Panagiota
Khuat, Huong Giang
Kirchhof, Florentine Ambalika
Liebergesell, Devi Lucinda
Liu, Sophia
Lu, Louisa
Möll, Marie Luise
Nguyen, Quynh
Rummeny, Johanna Josefine
Schumacher, Hannah Katharina
Seiffert, Jessica
Steenssens, Marlin


„ill connection error“

„Play with far and close, fast and slow
play with the rhythm of movement.
play with the rhythm of your spoken text.”
A dialogue between child and machine within different realms of time and space.




Bildcredits: Wiebke Johanns