Noch freie Plätze: Interfacing Care + Ecology > Intra-Acting (Dozentin: Deborah Ligorio)

Artistic production thought through the use of tools taken from feminist thinking, care, ecology and design. We will apply principles of care and axioms of impact [environmental, emotional, affective, economic, generative] referring to Karen Barad’s “Intra-action” and “Apparatus”, and Donna Haraway’s “naturcultur”.

Whether it is an exhibition, the design of an object or an App; we will look at the artistic production, by thinking it through the frame of interface, taking as reference Benjamin H. Bratton’s concept of “Interface”.
A Soma Theory encounter, a sort of guided meditation that via breathing techniques and mental images, will facilitate the embodiment of these critical concepts.
With notes and sketches we will discuss together the practical application of these theoretical tools. Participants will be invited to apply them to their specific project.

The worksop will take place in English.

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