Noch freie Plätze: Future Memories: Curating in postcolonial context (Dozentin: Aneta Rostkowska)

Blockseminar: 8.11. (Besuch der Akademie der Künste der Welt); 07.+08.12; 25.+26.01.

During the seminar we will explore social and political aspects of curatorial practice, especially the ones determined by colonialism and neocolonialism. We will ask what does it mean to „decolonize“ the artworld and whether „decolonization“ can have negative consequences. Our investigations will be guided by the texts of such authors as Edward Said, Franz Fanon, Achille Mbembe, Vivek Chibber, Gayatri Spivak, Brian O’Doherty, Clémentine Deliss and Monica Jumeja. In the practical part we will analyze concrete exhibitions, especially ones currently presented at the Academy of the Arts of the World in Cologne. 
The seminar will start with a guided tour around two exhibitions: „Floraphilia. Plants as Archives“ at Academyspace and „Janek Simon. 1985“ at Kjub Kunstverein. The first one belongs to a two-year project on the interralations of the world of plants, botany and colonial history. The second shows how popular culture of the 80s in Eastern Europe became a vehicle of a profound ideological change. Students are also encouraged to attend other events around both exhibitions happening on 14.09 (opening with dinner-performance), 30.09 (symposium in botanical garden with performance), as well as 16-17.11 (symposium of Perverse Decolonization project). Please, check Academy’s website for details:

Dates of meetings: 

8.11. obligatory guided tour around exhibitions of Akademie der Künste der Welt
meeting point: Academyspace, Herwarthstrasse 3, Cologne

07.12. 14.00-19.00 .aeb (2.103)
08.12. 11.00- 17.00 .aeb (2.103)
25.01. 14.00-19.00 .aeb (2.103)
26.01. 11.00-17.00 .aeb (2.103)

Studienleistung: a summary of one text (to be presented during one of the meetings) and preparation of a one page handout for the class.

*** Bitte melden Sie sich bei Interesse bei Sandra Schäfer an: und erscheinen Sie zum ersten Termin (Achtung: externer Treffpunkt: Akademie der Künste der Welt, s.o.)***