.mbr goes nyc


Im Rahmen der MobilityShifts – an International Future of Learning Summit an der New School in New York City haben Torsten Meyer und Konstanze Schütze das Konzept und den theoretischen Unterbau für den MedienBildungsRaum .mbr der Kunstpädagogik im Institut für Kunst & Kunsttheorie der Uni Köln vorgestellt. Die zugehörige Präsentation ist nun online bei slideshare:

Our laboratory at University of Cologne has grown from a regular classroom to a multi purpose learning space – MedienBildungsRaum (mbr). Dealing with concepts of multi-purpose learning environments and theories on learning spaces and knowledge building, physical and virtual space are equally important for present and future learning processes. We seek to prepare flexible core concepts for adjustable spaces of new learning culture and develop patterns for different settings of learning and knowledge building activities based on Christopher Alexander’s Pattern–Language (1977), finding solutions for their representation in our particular room. It is vital for Bildung* to allow technology and architecture to be unnoticed and extraordinarily flexible to the changing demands of learning. Adjustable, agile, corrigible installations, furniture and portable technology define distinct but temporary zones of action and enable diversifiable settings for learning. There will be a general introduction to learning spaces and Christopher Alexander’s pattern language with examples, and participants will then develop patterns for learning.