Gastvortrag von Sam Hopkins am 25.06.2015

Do, 25.06.2015
12:00 Uhr
Institut für Kunst und Kunsttheorie | Block B |
R 241 | Gronewaldstraße 2 | Köln

Mashup the Archive

If we understand the archive as a repository of knowledge, then issues of who can access this knowledge and how they produce it become very significant.

Mashup the Archive is a project based at the Iwalewahaus, which has an archive of art, mainly from African countries and is located in Bayreuth, Germany. The project explores issues of access to, and narration of, this archive, working with a series of artist residencies and exploring practice-driven research. Mashup is understood here as curatorial intention,  artistic praxis and emerging sensibility.

Sam Hopkins is an artist whose work responds to the specific social and political context within which he is living, exploring and re-imagining elements of daily life. As his practice is triggered by a context, it exhibits a broad spectrum of both media and content. Much of his work orbits around issues of public space and the negotiation of participatory practice. Critical to this engagement is a keen attentiveness to the ways in which media produce realities, as opposed to simply transmitting them.

Sam grew up between Kenya and England and studied Art in England, Cuba and Germany, returning to Nairobi in 2006. He has participated in a broad spectrum of local and international exhibitions, is currently a PhD research candidate at the University of the Arts London (UAL) and works as a Kulturstiftung des Bundes Fellow at the Iwalewahaus Bayreuth. He was recently named one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014 by Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine.

Der Vortrag finden im Rahmen des Seminars Archives, Records and Power von Prof. Karina Nimmerfall statt.
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