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This talk covers abstract and very concrete perspectives on machine-curating, machine-learning, artificial intelligence, identity, anthropocentrism and humility. It seems as if machines are unwanted but highly controlled and economically exploited entities. This will not turn out to be to our collective and overall benefit. The neo-liberal curator has become the new artist, transcending into a realm of absurd abstraction. But as all dictatorships are temporary since new challengers are awaiting in the holding areas of high-tech companies, leading archives, tech billionaire collectors and on the fringe of the new art market. Here we can see a tragic clash of identity and individualism versus control and repression unified and fought within our own species. Posthumanism, Transhumanism and Accelerationism are reflections on being human. While the Anthropocene deals with the ecological footprint of humanity on Earth, posthumanism proposes the question of what comes after the species human. Through mirror neurons we connect to ‘others’ and become part of something, we use this essential feature to organize social systems, to not be alone.


lizvlx (AT, 1973) und Hans Bernhard (CH/USA, 1971). CNN beschrieb sie als „maverick Austrian business people“ und die NYT nannte Google Will Eat Itself „simply brilliant“. Sie besitzen 175 Domains und ihre Haupteinflüsse sind Rammstein, Samantha Fox und XXXTentacion, Olanzapine, LSD, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Coconut Shrimps Deluxe und der Wiener Aktionismus.