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In this workshop we will question how our perception of love affects our body and the way we interact with other bodies in a public and private spaces. We will review at different kind of physical touch, such as; daily physical contact, intimate contact, erotic contact, physical contact as it’s presented in media and the performance field. Human and nonhuman, auto-touch, physical contact as used for security reasons and physical touch in different cultures, how physical touch in intimate relation is influenced by lifestyle. These divers observations of physical contact will be introduced through improvisation and diverse movement tasks. We will research and comprehend the relation and the contact between the bodies, the composition and the narration. With guidelines relating to physical qualities, imagination and different states of mind, we will experience and indulge a creative process. A process in which we will be making decisions referring to the relation between the bodies, the composition and our own physical sensation. By the end of the process we will introduce short presentations based on the mutual experience.


Reut Shemesh is a choreographer working on the edge of experimental film and poetry. In 2009 she graduated the ArtEZ dance academy (NL). Since then, Shemesh is working as a freelance artist, based in Cologne(DE). Recently, she graduated from the postgraduate program at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne (KHM). For the last few years Shemesh has presented her works at Dance Atelier RotterdamTanzhaus NRWSuzanne Dellal (TLV), Lantaern Rotterdam, Korzo (NL), D-Q-E Cologne, Loft Leipzig, Theater Lab NYC, Schauspiel Cologne, TanzPlan Ost (CH), Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Arp Museum, Remagen, Tanzhaus Zurich and the De NWE Vorst Tilburg among other theaters and festivals. Her last work LEVIAH was awarded with the Cologne dance and theater prize. In November 2015 she joined the two-years running German-African exchange program „Shifting Realities“ by Tanzhaus NRW. Her film work is presented by the imai-Stiftung. Alongside her creative work, Shemesh is teaching choreography in several institutes such as the H.H. University and Cologne University. Her upcoming work ‚GOLA‘ is produced by Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf and will be premiered in Summer 2017.