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Kunst & Kunsttheorie


In this lecture we present works from our arts-design practice. We will set out to activate the practice of coalescing to discuss and propose trans* and neuroqueer ways of refusing access barriers and oozing expectations. Drawing from trans* feminism, crip technoscience, embodied experiences and our arts-design practice as MELT, we attend to ritual making and material practice as a crip and trans* site of resistance. Rituals are activated throughout the video lecture as practices that reduce access barriers, change habits, slow things down, or enact community rites of passage. We refuse (as in: fuse again) and confuse (as in: reconsider assumptions) separability, and trace how materials unfold in our arts-design experiments: concrete and errors become soft, rituals disorder normative space, and cosmic rays embrace neuroqueer understandings of computing.
The lecture will be shared as a video lecture and is an invitation to embrace rituals and refusal as interrelated modes that can make space for other worlds. We will make the video lecture available for screening one week before the lecture – screening from 1 June 2021. We invite you to please watch the lecture before 8 June at 18:00 and join us then for some conversation and a ritual making session together.


MELT (Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr) questions how coloniality, climate change and technological developments are intertwined and boils up insights from chemistry, crip technoscience and trans*feminism to study and set in motion transformative material-discursive processes. MELT is currently working on the Meltionary as a growing experimental directory that investigates different materials, metaphors and modes of melting.
MELT actively works against ableist language, if this is unfamiliar to you please find: more information.