Workshop 1: My Family and I – Tolerance, Family and Political Views

Foto:  ©Reut Shemesh 

My family contains a broad spectrum of political views, spanning from the right to the left. Navigating these diverse perspectives has posed challenges to our familial bond. However, over time, we’ve cultivated the ability to engage in respectful and tolerant conversations.

Our upcoming seminar will delve into the intricate relationship between political identity, our upbringing, and family dynamics; Our political beliefs often stem from the values instilled in us during our shaping years, yet they also become deeply intertwined with our identities. We question whether these views are inherently connected to our family upbringing or if they evolve as an integral part of our inner selves. Some families characterized by differing political ideologies (such as mine) prompt us to explore the depths of tolerance and effective communication. 

Words can be very limiting and harsh at times. In this seminar, I propose a framework for the coexistence of actions, allowing diverse movements and compositions to exist harmoniously side by side. Through movement improvisation and spontaneous choreographic composition. 

Through understanding and dialogue, we aim to navigate the complexities of diverse opinions, fostering a working method that exists best in the art of dancing. By doing so, we will go back „home“ and bring a piece of it back to the studio. 

Workshopleitung: Reut Shemesh