The Algorithmic Literacy Lab* is a space for transdisciplinary collaboration and didactic invention in the context of post-digital educational practice. Artists, educators and scientists work together on educational materials on Algorithmic Decision Making (ADM) and, respectively, on more general questions concerning digital literacy. In three consecutive workshops, ready-to-use material for adolescents in formal and informal educational settings will be developed. The lab focuses specifically on *ethical-social aspects from an *art and media pedagogical perspective.

Following the labs, the educational materials will be tested in the field, revised and the results made available (CC/Open Source) via the Workbook Arts Education ( Myow is a participatory platform by the University of Cologne, collecting ideas and sharing impulses for arts education in the horizon of advancing digitalization. The workbook’s contributions are developed from practitioners for practitioners and are freely available online.


Buse Çetin, Lia Coleman, Edwin Greve, Sarah Fartuun Heinze, Adriaan Odendaal, Nelly Y. Pinkrah, Alexandra Steinbrück, Serkan Ünsal, Joana Varon, Karla Zavala
Hosts: Nushin Yazdani, Konstanze Schütze, Kristin Klein & Monika Elias

The Project is funded by Grimme-Forschungskolleg.


Bild: © Nushin Yazdani