The Algorithmic Literacy Lab* is a space for transdisciplinary collaboration and didactic invention in the context of post-digital educational practice. Artists, educators and scientists work together on educational materials on Algorithmic Decision Making (ADM) and, respectively, on more general questions concerning digital literacy. In three consecutive workshops, ready-to-use material for adolescents in formal and informal educational settings […]

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The developed modules offer working materials for learners and multipliers to understand, experience and reflect on algorithmic systems and their sociocultural effects. They contribute to demystifying digital technologies and challenge dominant technology-centric mindsets of the Global North, while creatively reimagining how technologies can be designed and used otherwise. The three modules are:   Algorithms of […]

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In three consecutive labs experts from different fields and backgrounds – algorithmic decision-making, critical race theory, art and political education – worked together. Their tools: feminist policy and zine making, utopian theater, machine learning and speculative design. While developing the educational modules, the teams laughed together, sweated, showed a lot of ambition and perseverance, wrote […]

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