The Algorithmic Literacy Lab* is a space for transdisciplinary collaboration and didactic invention in the context of post-digital educational practice. Artists, educators and scientists work together on educational materials on Algorithmic Decision Making (ADM) and, respectively, on more general questions concerning digital literacy. In three consecutive workshops, ready-to-use material for adolescents in formal and informal educational settings […]

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Algorithms of Late Capitalism with Karla Zavala & Adriaan Odendaal (Internet Tea Pot), Buse Çetin & Serkan Ünsal This module aims to help demystify AI technologies by challenging technology-centric approaches. Through zine-making, this workshop aims to give participants tools to reflect on the vast human and planetary infrastructure and exploitative dynamics embedded in the philosophy, conception, […]

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Participants Raziye Buse Çetin Buse Çetin is an AI policy consultant and researcher, who focuses her work around ethics, impact, and governance of AI systems. By combining her personal life experiences with her interest in postcolonial studies, intersectional feminism and science and technology studies, she develops critical thinking about AI technologies and its impact on […]

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