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»Education in the Age of the Screen« has been published!

I am very happy and at the same time extremely proud that our book has recently been published:

Vansieleghem, N., Vlieghe, J. & Zahn, M. (Eds.) (2019) Education in the Age of the Screen. Possibilities and Transformations in Technology. London: Routlegde.

The book is the result of a three-part series of International Research Seminars Making School in the Age of the Screen.This event was held in the academic year 20162017 at Liverpool Hope University (UK) and LUCA School of Arts Ghent (Belgium), and it was sponsored by the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB) Large Grant Scheme. We are grateful for the institutional and financial support we received from these organizations, and we would likewise like to thank the many colleagues and students who participated to the seminar series, as well as the editorial team of Routledge we worked with.

In particular I would like to thank my co-editors for the great cooperation on this book. It was a pleasure!

Get a Preview-PDF here.

About the book
This edited volume brings together experts from across the field of education to explore how traditional pedagogic and didactic forms and processes are changing, or even disappearing, as a result of new technologies being used for education and learning.
Considering the use, opportunites and limitations of technologies including interactive whiteboards, tablets, smart phones, search engines and social media platforms, chapters draw on primary and secondary research to illustrate the wide-reaching and often salient changes which new digital technologies are introducing into educational environments and learning practices around the world. Neither claiming that traditional forms of learning must be replaced, nor calling for a restoration of the school, Education in the Age of the Screen offers a nuanced exploration of the implications of digitization for education. Taking a broad view on education as a social and cultural phenomenon, the volume focuses on three major dimensions: the wider conditions against the background of which we educate and are educated today, detailed examples of aesthetic practices and educational initiatives in the current media culture, and concrete answers to the challenges that come our way.
With contributions from Samira Alirezabeigi, Anna-Caterina Dalmasso, Mathias Decuypere, Maria Fannin, Norm Friesen, Annemarie Hahn,  Kristin Klein, Frank Maet, Torsten Meyer, Stefano Oliverio, Nancy Vansieleghem, Joris Vlieghe, D-M Withers and Manuel Zahn.

About the Editors
Nancy Vansieleghem is Head of the teacher training programme in audio-visual and fine arts at LUCA School of Arts, Belgium, and of the research group Art, Practices and Education.
Joris Vlieghe is Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Theory of Education at the University of Leuven, Belgium.
Manuel Zahn is Professor for Aesthetic Education with a focus on contemporary media culture at University of Cologne, Germany.

Girls on Screen // VETO beim IKKF

Ich möchte die Gelegenheit nutzen, hier auf zwei spannende Filmveranstaltungen in Hamburg hinzuweisen: die eine ist noch kurz vor dem IKKF (das am 9. Juni startet) und die andere mittendrin.

Girls on Screen | HfbK | 08.06.15

Girls on Screen
Montag 8. Juni um 19h
Galerie der Hfbk

Screening mit Arbeiten von Hedvig Berglind (London), Ian Gilles (London) und Nicolaas Schmidt (HFBK, VETO), im Anschluss ein offenes Gespräch am runden Tisch mit den KünstlerInnen und eingeladenen GesprächspartnerInnen – u.A. Wiebke Schwarzhans (HFBK), Luise Donschen (HFBK), Marlene Denningmann (VETO, CALL), Anna Tautfest (Graduiertenkolleg HFBK)

Hedvig Berglind: Untitled, Double channel, HD, stereo, 8’12, 2015
Nicolaas Schmidt: Break, Double channel, HD, stereo, 13’33, 2013
Ian Gilles: On The Way To Language, Single channel, HD, stereo, 9’38, 2014

Organisiert von Hedvig Berglind, Angela Anzi und Katja Lell



Samstag, 13. Juni 2015, 19:00 Uhr
Metropoliskino, Kleine Theaterstraße

Gegründet im Frühjahr 2014 hat sich VETO Film e.V. zum Ziel gesetzt, aktuelle Positionen zeitgenössischer Film- und Videokunst aus Hamburg zu fördern. Von poetischen Filmen bis hin zu experimentellen Formen, vertritt VETO vor allem solche Arbeiten, die entgegen aller Konventionen formale Eigenständigkeit beweisen und sich gängigen Kategorisierungen entziehen.
Im Rahmen des 31. Internationalen Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg präsentiert VETO sieben Kurzfilme aus der aktuellen Film Edition:

Isabelle McEwen – Un truc formidable 12′
Josefina Gill – Preview 30′
Steffen Goldkamp – Wallenhorst 23′
Nick Koppenhagen – The Bowerbird 4′
Stella Rossié und Nicola Gördes – Komet 13′
Nicolaas Schmidt – Autumn 10′
Karsten Wiesel – Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel 12′
Gesamtlänge: 104 min.