Access, power and the institution

Sickness Affinity Group

This workshop is an invitation by Sickness Affinity Group and Zoya to create space for learning together about access and disability justice. We invite you to explore and dream about different modes of access, care, time and vulnerability. This is an invitation to question different modes of power and how they affect our lives. We invite you to both share questions you are asking yourself as well as to actively question the institution we are meeting: How does it practice access and how does it enact/share power? What is it that I´m learning? How can I find ways of being critical towards power and privilege and include this into my practice as a teacher?
In this three day long workshop we’ll work with prompts and exercises, reflect own experiences, and share space for exchange. On the fourth day we’ll create a performative format to present this process. 



Bildcredits: The ____ & ____ Oracle, Sickness Affinity Group