In the seminar “queen of hearts”, we will discuss strength, body conditions and their influence upon gender perception. How come we associate certain genders with strength? What does the ‘weaker sex’ stand for? How come power demonstrations and physical strength resonate with attractiveness, vitality, and vigor? What do demonstrations of power reveal about our weaknesses? In the seminar, we will practice and test our own physical power, force, and conditions. We will research the delicate transformation from fragility to physical control/power and the loss of control, and bring out extreme physicality through movement improvisation and exhaustion. In the contexts of powerful roles, body, and performance we will study the American choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer, and get to know Rainer’s broad work about gender politics in versus mediums, such as performance, film, and text.

The workshop no. 5 will be given by: Reut Shemesh

Foto: Yvonne Rainer Street Action, 1970 ©The Getty Research Institute