The world may turn, but nothing changes (except perhaps the weather) unless we make change happen. GNB (girls next Band) is a rotating member music group which was founded at the University of Cologne as part of springschool. The members experimented in sound, sonifying their environment, simultaneously sensitizing perception based on Deep Listening. The practice is an initiation not just for audio work, but a powerful tool developed by Pauline Oliverios. Additionally GNB are influenced by David Tudor, hacking toy pianos as well as performing with new technology gadgets, anything they get their hands on. If you do not know yet GNB, then join us, lets make the future happen. GNB will be founded May 22nd 2018 and you are welcome to join the multitude, experience multiplicity and make sure something very bad does not happen, namely NOTHING.

The workshop no. 1 will be given by: Melissa Logan from Chicks on speed