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Lecture from Aneta Rostkowska: Potential Landscape. Towards Slow Curating

„Potential Landscape“ is a title of an Interview with the fictitious curator Hortensja Kowalik, conducted in the year 2067. During the interview the curator reveals how a single artwork presented a considerable challenge to her imagination and, in consequence, changed her life. She talks about limits of our imagination, ways of expanding it through art and how it is to dedicate almost the whole life to the understanding of one artwork — an opposite of what we experience today with very quick, fleeting and superficial experiences of art. During her talk Aneta Rostkowska will use the interview as an introduction to her curatorial and artistic practice in which experimental storytelling meets politics, ‚gonzo journalism‘ and botany.

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Talk and Workshop with Jill Winder: Publishing Contemporary Art: Concepts & Methods

Jill Winder is a writer and editor who studied political theory and holds an M.A. from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York. Most recently, she was Online Editor for documenta 14 (2015–17). Previously she was managing editor for the publications of the 7th and 8th Berlin Biennales (2012/2014); Head of Research and Publications for Bergen Assembly (2012–13); and Editor-in-Chief of art-agenda (2012–14).

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Offenes Atelier im Labor für Kunst und Forschung

Donnerstag, 13.00 – 16.00 Uhr

Im September hat das Offene Atelier des Labor für Kunst und Forschung wieder donnerstags von
13 – 16 Uhr geöffnet und lädt zum Arbeiten an Ihren Projekten sowie Austausch ein. Auskunft über die technischen Möglichkeiten können gerne an das Team gerichtet werden:  info-[at]uni-koeln.de.

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